Tulsa Sounds

Tulsa Sounds - Contributions to American Music

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Exactly what is the Tulsa Sound? And how have numerous people from that city in northeastern Oklahoma contributed to this rhythm of life that is known as American music?

This book not only tells the stories about people from Tulsa involved in the evolution of American music but presents fascinating facts and little-known tidbits about other places and events.

Tulsa Baseball History: 2024 Edition

Tulsa baseball history

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Tulsa’s longest relationship with any professional sport has been with baseball. And that love affair of nearly 120 years has endured its share of peaks and valleys, of passionate embraces and periods of frustration along with deep despair and joyous celebrations.

Ten major league teams, from powerhouses such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals to the woeful St. Louis Browns, have placed developmental teams in Tulsa with varying degrees of success.

This book tells the stories of not only the men who wore the uniforms of Tulsa’s professional baseball teams but also of events along with opposing players and other people who left their mark on the city and the sport, for better or for worse

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Elven Lindblad is the author of the Books About Tulsa series and since 2015, his books have been distributed nationally and internationally. He has over 50 years of experience in information research, working in such diverse fields as health care, banking, print and electronic sports journalism and private education.

Elven is a lifelong resident of the metropolitan Tulsa area and is a member of the Tulsa Historical Society.

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